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February has been designated as Violence Prevention month in Newfoundland and Labrador by the Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI), a multi-year project by the provincial government. The Eastern Region Committee Against Violence, one of the Regional Coordinating Committees (RCC) of the VPI, would like to invite your school to take part in Stand Up Day activities to end bullying. We are suggesting Feb 29th, 2012 as the day when activities take place.

Some suggestions for activities are:

  • Registering on the official "International Stand Up to Bullying" website to purchase pink T-shirts and participate in their movement.
    • Alternatively, students may choose to wear a pink article of clothing to demonstrate their commitment to ending bullying.

  • Asking your students to sign a pledge to stop youth violence (example attached).

  • Participating in our Pink Bracelet action – we have pink silicone bracelets available with the words "Bullying Stops Here" for students to wear as a sign of their stance against bullying. We recommend doing this conjunction with #2 above.
  • Showing videos or inviting presentations on preventing and ending youth violence, or guest speakers who have had a personal experience with bullying and how it has impacted their lives.

  • Inviting students to practice acts of respect and kindness for one week leading up to Stand Up Day.

  • Organizing a rally with students to form a giant peace sign.

  • Entering our "Stop the Violence" drawing contest (Primary/Elementary students) or video contest (Junior High/High School students), for chances to win student prizes, and $300 for your school! Details are attached. A montage of entries from both competitions will be compiled for schools to use with Stand Up Day activities. By submitting the drawings or videos, contestants and schools give permission for the pictures to be used in current and future publicity and educational material.

Each school will be responsible for organizing their own activities. The Eastern Region Committee Against Violence will be pleased to provide support and suggestions. Please let us know by January 20th, 2if you would like to participate so that we can include your school in any media communications.

Other on-line resources which might be helpful include:

For further information, or to arrange details for participation, please contact:

Tracey Fleming
Eastern Region Committee Against Violence, Inc

Ph: 466-4676
Fax: 466-4670

Suite 304 – 105 Manitoba Dr
Clarenville, NL
A5A 1K2

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