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Community Walks Against Violence
Begining in 2008, Violence Prevention East began hosting community walks against violence in both Clarenville and Bonavista. These walks take place each fall and encourage members of the community to come out and raise awareness of the problem of violence in our society. In 2010, Violence Prevention East will be adding an additional walk in Arnold's Cove in addition to the other two locations and we hope to continue to build on the success of this initiative into the future.
February is Violence Prevention Month!
As part of Violence Prevention Month, each year partners in violence prevention join forces throughout February to raise awareness of violence against the more vulnerable in society by hosting events and activities in communities across the province.

The following are links to activities and events that Violence Prevention East carried out during the month of February 2012:

Stand Up Day 2012
International Guest Speaker
Violence Awareness & Action Training
The Violence Awareness and Action Training (VAAT) was developed in 2001 by the Provincial Violence Prevention Initiative. The overall goal of the training is to improve services to victims of violence by increasing the awareness and understanding of violence related issues of front line workers and volunteers in the public service.

The Model

Curriculum: A one day action-reflection workshop with nine distinct modules on violence awareness and planning for action at the individual and agency level
Delivery: sessions are co-facilitated by two certified VAAT Facilitators from the region
Trainees: Each VAAT session has two seats available to front line staff and volunteers from each of the partner organizations listed below.

Training Objectives

  • Assist participants in examining attitudes, values, beliefs that support violence in our society
  • Provide information (facts and causes) on different forms of violence
  • Provide, through group discussion, in an empowering and reflective environment, which encourages personal insight into the experience of survivors of violence
  • Provide a networking opportunity for participants in which they can develop a better understanding of the roles that other service providers in their community play in assisting victims of violence
  • Promote an inter-agency approach to government and community violence prevention
  • Encourage post-training action planning at community & agency level

Upcoming Training

Fall 2010 - Bonavista & Clarenville
Dec 8 and 9, 2010 there will be Train the Trainer in Gander. Anyone interested please contact Tracey at the email below.

* If you would like to be put on a list to be notified when the training dates are announced, please email
White Ribbon Campaign
Clarenville Caribous are proud to partnership with Violence Prevention East on the White Ribbon Campaign. The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women. The official launching of the White Ribbon Campaign will be held at the Clarenville Caribous hockey game, November 13, 2010.
February is Violence Prevention Month 2021
February is Violence Prevention Month and during this month VPE will be raising awareness of the many types of violence and its impacts. VPE will be partnering with Community partners and the schools within the region to offer resources and grant funding to provide safe spaces within schools and violence prevention activities in your area. If you are interested you can email

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